Border. A journey along the edges of Russia.


« ‘Border’ is a journey along the Russian border, the longest national border in the world, which spans over 60,000 km. This book will take you on a unique trip from the warm regions of the Caucasus to the extreme cold in the North.(…)Exploring the connection between the disturbance of territorial boundaries and identities, Maria Gruzdeva finds elements representative of national identity and collective memory and asks questions about physical and emotional belonging. Landscapes and people portrayed and documented in Gruzdeva’s photographs and travel diaries, become part of a unique archive, a combination of researcher’s and a photographer’s rigorous investigation. » (extrait de la 4ème de couverture). Photos en couleurs.

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Photographe Gruzdeva Maria
Auteur(s) Gusejnova Dina
ISBN-13 9789053308783
Editeur Schilt Publishing
Date de parution 2016
Poids 1.2 kg
Nombre de pages 359 pages