No colors by Sander Veeneman


Sander Veeneman photographs in black-and-white. No colors. On this way he removes all the barriers brought in by color. Black-and-White photography brings matters back to their basics. The nuances are ours to make. His pictures show us the Dutch Olympic team, as well as the orphans in Rumania. Khirgistan mountain people as well as Jews and Palestines in Hebron. Ecuadorian Indians and Siberian miners. Erotic portraits, and refugees from Ethiopia, Mozambique and the former Yugoslavia. What binds these images togerher, is respect. Respect for mankind. Disregarding color. Nationality. Social standing. Sander Veeneman’s photographs break down the barriers between people. Isn’t it time that we did the same? (extrait de la préface de Pim Milo, chairman of the Photography Awards of The Netherlands) ; photos en n.b. Exemplaire comme neuf. Livre Rare.

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Information complémentaire

Photographe Veeneman Sander
Auteur(s) Milo Pim
Editeur Uitgeverij Valeton & Henstra
Date de parution 1993
Poids 2.15 kg