Cats occupy a very prominent position at Schilt Publishing & Gallery. For one thing, our logo is a cat. Not just any cat, but our famous Rhubarb, born in our house in 2008 when Maarten was away attending the British photography festival Rhubarb Rhubarb. […] Which is why we invited professional photographers to send us their best cat photos.
Together with Sacha de Boer – chief editor of this book, Dutch photographer, journalist, TV presenter and of course first and foremost a huge cat lover – we selected the most inspiring submissions, with Sacha’s cat Julius, now deceased, taking pride of place on the cover.
Renowned photographers featured in this book include Arthur Bondar, Machiel Botman, Rena Effendi, Anneke Hilhorst, Jason Houge, Martin Parr, Elliot Ross, Pentti Sammallahti, Pavel Smertin and Jindrich Štreit, to name just a few. (Extrait de la note de l’éditeur) ; introduciton de Sacha de Boer, photos en n.b. et en couleurs.

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Auteur(s) De Boer Sacha
ISBN-13 9789053308967
Editeur Schilt Publishing
Date de parution 2017
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Nombre de pages 102 pages