Sunlight and shadow


« The present volume seeks to aid the more advanced photographer. It is assumed that the reader has mastered the technicalities of photography, and now desires to make better pictures. I have therefore collected from « The Photographic Times », « The American Annual of Photography », and other sources, the following articles and illustrations by the best authorities on Photographic Landscape and Studio Art, including , also, some papers and illustrations of my own, in the hope that they may help, by precept and example, the photographer who desires to advance in pictorial photography. » (préface de l’auteur). Réédition du livre publié par The Baker & Taylor Company en 1897. Publié dans la collection The Sources of modern photography ; illustrations en n.b. Exemplaire état neuf. Livre Rare.

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Auteur(s) Lincoln Adams Washington Irving
ISBN-10 0405096461
Editeur Arno Press
Date de parution 1979
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Nombre de pages 144 pages