The Theatre of Apparitions


 » Inspired by the sight of hand-drawn carvings on blacked-out windows in an abandoned women’s prison, Ballen started to experiment using different spray paints on glass and then ‘drawing on’ or removing the paint with a sharp object to let natural light through. The results are like prehistoric cave-paintings ; the black, dimensionless spaces on the glass are canvases onto which Ballen carves his thoughts and emotions. (…) Timeless and innovative, earthly and otherworldly, physical and spiritual, his work transcends all traditional concepts of photography. » (extrait du texte de présentation). Photos en noir et blanc.

Information complémentaire

Photographe Ballen Roger
Auteur(s) Rhodes Colin
ISBN-13 9780500544648
Editeur Thames & Hudson
Date de parution 2016
Poids 1 kg
Nombre de pages 190 pages