Travel in the American West : photographs by Len Jenshel


« When I’m out there working, I sometimes feel like an archaeologist. I want, in some fantasy-like way, to pretend I’m going to a place that no one has ever set foot on, and I am deciphering clues of a past existence based on a tire track, or a cattle guard. The nineteenth-century photographers, who were concerned with landscape often put people in their pictures to show scale, to show that the Sequoia tree or a shooting geyser was 250 feet tall. I do not include people in my landscapes, but I’ll include the detritus or the evidence of a human race, almost like an archaelogical dig. » -Len Jenshel ; photos en couleurs. Exemplaire avec de légères marques d’étagères sur la tranche de queue. Livre Rare.

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Photographe Jenshel Len
ISBN-10 15600981482
ISBN-13 97815600981480
Editeur Smithsonian Institution Press
Date de parution 1992
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Nombre de pages 62 pages