Hideyuki Ishibashi : Other Voices

1ère édition numérotée sur 270 exemplaires.

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1ère édition numérotée sur 270 exemplaires.

“I used photographs that I could not bring myself to print because they brought on painful recollections as a means to explore the connection between records and memory. These images’ precise time records were so vivid that I was searching for ways to free myself from the traumas they revived in me. It was then that I came up with the idea to create a fresh memory by writing-over the painful one, as Marcel Proust describes.

So, I used the following method:
I scanned the negatives then printed them on glossy paper.
I copied the prints wiht a Polaroid camera.
I scanned the Polaroid and printed them on glossy paper.
I copied the prints with a Polaroid camera again.

I repeated this process 10 times.

With each reproduction, the original image was re-framed and the reflection of the glossy photo paper created a real-time layer, effectively rewriting over and over the original record. In addition, the use of expired Polaroid films, development errors or developper leaks added accidental elements. I also artificially pushed the development time of the Polaroid image by 3 minutes. This repeated 10 times, extended the whole process between the starting point and the final result to 30 minutes for each picture. From then on, the newly created images existed in other rooms, at other times…

From this process, I was looking to answer this question: “Can we possibly rewrite an original memory by repeatedly rewriting its record?”

(Now that all the Polaroid produced at that time are lost, the process only exists in my memory, and sometimes the imagination completes the disappearance.)”

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