Jong Won Rhee : Solitudes of Human Places

1ère édition tirée à 800 exemplaires.

1st edition of 800 copies.

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1ère édition tirée à 800 exemplaires.

Les scènes de la vie quotidienne contemporaine en Corée du Sud photographiées par Jong Won Rhee.

Les personnes sujets de la photographie de Jong Won Rhee sont, pour la plupart, sont de dos ou plongées en elles-mêmes.
En fait, les toits bleus caractéristiques, les coquelicots fleurissants, les panneaux publicitaires criards et les enseignes de magasin, les oignons de printemps empaquetés à un étal de marché et les champs luxuriants de la Corée du Sud semblent tous plus colorés que les gens que nous rencontrons dans ces scènes de la vie quotidienne contemporaine là-bas.

1st edition of 800 copies.

The human subjects of Jong Won Rhee’s photograph are, for the most part, turning away or turned in upon themselves. In fact, the characteristic blue rooftops, blooming poppies, garish billboards and store signs, the bundled spring onions at a market stall and the lush fields of South Korea all seem more colorful than the people we come across in these scenes of contemporary everyday life there.

A special moment in photographing is the short-lived moment just before shutter release when you are unconsciously moved by something. You try to capture that fleeting moment of emotions flowing through you without fully understanding them. These pictures try to preserve that moment through the medium of photography, and represent my personal interaction with Korea, where they were taken. This unexpected flow of feelings in the instant before releasing the shutter informs my experience with the world and defines who I am as a person. These images of South Korea’s plain and unadorned fringes peer into the depths of human solitude. They imagine people’s unconscious striving to come to terms with their loneliness by facing up to the human condition squarely, steadfastly, serenely. — Jong Won Rhee

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