Border fury : a picture postcard record of Mexico’s Revolution and U.S. war Preparedness, 1910-1917


« The golden age of picture postcards coincided with Mexico’s revolution of 1910 and U.S. war preparedness along the border to render a rich historical record of those tumultuous times. Pancho Villa, Black Jack Pershing, the U.S. Naval invasion of Veracruz, the daring Mexican attack on Columbus, New Mexico, and the mobilization of more than 100,000 green, ill-equipped American troops along the Rio Grande all were depicted by enterprising photographers on postcards, which were then inscribed by buyers and sent by the millions throughout the world. In these cards, more than 200 of which are reproduced in this book, one witnesses the brutality of the conflict along the international boundary and the hurried emergence of the U.S. Army from being Indian fighters to a world-military power. The messages inscribed by the senders also capture the pulse of an entire era. » (extrait de la jaquette intérieure). Exemplaire en bon état.

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