The photography of invention ; American pictures of the 1980s


Pictures that are made, not taken, are the focus of this exciting collection of works by 90 American artists who are using appropriation, computer technology, performance, and numerous other sources of inspiration to stretch the limits and expand the possibilities of photographic art. The selection of nontraditional pictures includes works by some of the decade’s most interesting experimenters — Cindy Sherman, Sherrie Levine, Richard Prince, Barbara Kruger, William Christenberry, Louise Lawler, Stefan Roloff, and others who create or manipulate the subject photographed.Photography has traditionally been used to capture experience and create images; these works, however, examine preexisting images or image styles that dominate our culture. oshua P. Smith is a leading authority on and a collector of avant-garde photography. He was guest curator for the National Museum of American Art exhibition « The Photography of Invention: American Pictures of the 1980s. » Merry A. Foresta is Associate Curator, Graphic Arts, and Curator for Photography at the National Museum of American ArtCopublished with the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. (Note de l’éditeur) ; photos en n.b. et en couleurs.

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Auteur(s) Smith Joshua P., Foresta Merry A.
ISBN-10 0262192802
ISBN-13 9780262192804
Editeur The MIT Press
Date de parution 1989
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