Alec Soth : Sleeping by the Mississippi (Signé)

Photographe Soth Alec
Exemplaire Signé.

La signature du photographe figure sur une reproduction collée sur l'intérieur de la 4ème de couverture.

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Exemplaire Signé.
La signature du photographe figure sur une reproduction collée sur l’intérieur de la 4ème de couverture.

Seconde impression de la seconde édition du livre d’Alec Soth paru en 2004 qui a rassemblé ici des portraits, des intérieurs de maison et quelques paysages pour évoquer la vie des gens qui habitent aux abords du Mississipi. Cette édition comprend deux photographies inédites ; photos en couleurs.

Sleeping by the Mississippi by Alec Soth is one of the defining publications in the photobook era. First published by Steidl in 2004, it was Soth’s first book, sold through three print runs, and established him as one of the leading lights of contemporary photographic practice. This is the second printing of the MACK edition and includes two new photographs that were not included in the Steidl versions of the book.

Evolving from a series of road trips along the Mississippi River, Sleeping by the Mississippi captures America’s iconic yet oft-neglected ‘third coast’. Soth’s richly descriptive, large-format colour photographs present an eclectic mix of individuals, landscapes, and interiors. Sensuous in detail and raw in subject, Sleeping by the Mississippi elicits a consistent mood of loneliness, longing, and reverie. ‘In the book’s 46 ruthlessly edited pictures’, writes Anne Wilkes Tucker in the original essay published in the book, ‘Soth alludes to illness, procreation, race, crime, learning, art, music, death, religion, redemption, politics, and cheap sex.’

Like Robert Frank’s classic The Americans, Sleeping by the Mississippi merges a documentary style with poetic sensibility. The Mississippi is less the subject of the book than its organizing structure. Not bound by a rigid concept or ideology, the series is created out of a quintessentially American spirit of wanderlust. Sixteen years since the book was first published, the artist’s lyrical view has undoubtedly acquired a nuanced significance – one in which hope, fear, desire and regret coalesce in the evocative journey along this mythic river.

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ISBN 9781910164891
Langue(s) anglais
Nombre de pages 120
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