Mina Daimon : Hama


La série « Hama » (« plage ») de Mina Daimon décrit la vie près des plages de chez elle à Chigasaki ; photos en n.b.

“Only few of those on the beach have a name.
Even people I have met numerous times, people I have exchanged words with, I do not know their names.
There is a fisherman whom I call by the name ‘Sammy.’
When an older friend introduced him to me he asked,
“doesn’t he look just like Sammy Davis Jr.?”
I have called him Sammy ever since.
On the beach, it seems there is no need for a name,
no need to talk about who you are.”
— from Mina Daimon’s afterword

Mina Daimon’s series “Hama” (“Beach”) depicts life near the beaches of her home in Chigasaki.

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