Samuel Fradley : Winds Of Change

Photographe Fradley Samuel
Winds of Change se penche sur une période difficile et incertaine de l’histoire de la Grande-Bretagne et sur mes propres craintes et inquiétudes non seulement au sujet de l’avenir de la Grande-Bretagne, mais aussi de l’avenir du monde et de ses effets sur mes proches.

Winds of Change reflects on a difficult and uncertain time in Britain’s history and my own personal fears and anxiety about not only Britain’s future, but the future of the world and its effects on those close to me.

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Le vieux monde est en train de mourir, celui que nous connaissions est parti. Comme les échos des années 1930 engloutissent l’Europe, les États-Unis et l’Asie, il est devenu clair que l’équilibre du pouvoir et de l’avenir de l’humanité a changé. La place de la Grande-Bretagne dans ce nouveau monde reste à trouver ; texte de Morgan Haigh (historien de l’art).

The old world is dying, the one that we knew has gone. As echos of the 1930s engulf Europe, the United States and Asia, it has become clear that the balance of power and future of humanity has changed. Where Britain belongs in this new world is yet to be found ; essay by Morgan Haigh, Art Historian.

“The myth that our last 150 years constituted a ‘golden age’ for Britain is looking increasingly threadbare, especially when one examines the recorded feelings of those who lived through those years. What we can say for certain is that great change is coming, a society that dances on the precipice is vulnerable to the winds of change and, whilst nobody seems to know or understand where we’re going, we’re facing a very different world in the coming decades. Samuel Fradley’s photography distils a society caught in this moment in a language beyond words. It is a language of atmospheres and allusions that makes totems of our everyday surroundings. Work like his refutes Clark’s cult of confidence, ages of anxiety almost always produce fascinating and moving works of art, from poetry to painting, music to photographs, these works become not just expressions of a zeitgeist but crucial documents and moving testaments in our troubled national story. – ” Excerpt from Morgan Haigh, Art Historian, from his Essay “A New Age of Anxiety”.

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